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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Tu Hieu Pagoda

The old imperial capital of Vietnam, Hue, has many pagodas but the Tu Hieu is the largest and most beautifully landscaped pagoda nestled on a luxuriant pine hill.

Its origin dates from 1843, when the Great monk Nhat Dinh came to Mount Dong Xuan to cure his mother and founded the pagoda as a place to meditate. Around 1848, the Grand monk Cuong Ky took over, enlarged and renovated the pagoda. It was again refurbished in 1894 with the support of King Thanh Thai. In 1931, the Grand monk Hue Minh dug its famous lake.


The pagoda is located in the commune of Xuan Thuy, around 5 km from Hue. You will be surprised by its traditional architecture, which forms the Chinese character "Khau." The main temple is dedicated to Buddha and the altar behind dedicated to the saints of Hue.

Tu Hieu is set in a peaceful setting with serene half moon lake, blooming lotus and poetic view. The stelae of the court and the various cults will take you through its centuries of history.

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